Kevin Durant is Piling on Kendrick Perkins on Social Media Over His Kyrie Irving Comments

Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant during happier times.
Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant during happier times. / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Kevin Durant went after Kendrick Perkins on Wednesday night with a series of retweets and an Instagram comment. Durant retweeted some of Wilson Chandler's tweets, including: "Ex players turning into suckers right before your eyes on television" and "Divide and conquer tactics at an all-time high."

Earlier this week Perkins revealed that Kyrie Irving's attitude about the Disney bubble changed when he was told he could not attend. On Wednesday, Perkins accused Kyrie of being "the distraction." And he went on Twitter to say he was actually taking it easy on Irving.

Not to be outdone, Durant also responded to an Instagram post from The Score about Perkins' comments, calling him a "sell out."

And he RT'd a random person who replied to Kendrick Perkins with a video of Perk shooting an airball.

Perkins tweeted about ending his beef with Durant in January following the death of Kobe Bryant. Either Durant never forgave him or he forgot everything that happened more than a week ago, which is understandable right now.

Perkins has been getting a lot of attention for his strong takes lately. Last month he left the Golden State Warriors off his list of the best teams ever in favor of his own Boston Celtics team. Bill Russell even went after Perk on Twitter this week.