Kendrick Perkins Wants to Squash Beef With Kevin Durant After Kobe Bryant Tragedy

Ryan Glasspiegel
Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant
Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Durant / DON EMMERT/Getty Images

This certainly doesn't make the heartbreak worth it by any stretch of the imagination, but one of the silver linings that comes when lives are tragically cut short is the introspection that leads all of us to collectively re-evaluate what is important in life and what is ultimately insignificant.

We saw that with Jay Williams' poignant reaction to the news, and we are also seeing it on the timeline of Kendrick Perkins, where he is asking for forgiveness from his former Thunder teammate Kevin Durant after the two had a social media spat a couple weeks ago:

Perkins also shared some of his other thoughts:

This news will take a long time for the NBA family to cope with, and hopefully serve as a permanent reminder to us all to make the most of every day.