Kangaroo Jacked: Texas Kangaroo Has Action Figure Arms, Wants to Bring It In for the Real Thing

World's strongest kangaroo.
World's strongest kangaroo. /

Kangaroos are silly and terrifying animals. They hop around with babies in an evolutionary fanny pack, but have also been boxers. (Don't get any ideas, Logan!) The truth is, you don't get into the fight game unless you've got the frame for it and kangaroos can be built like The Rock a week before filming begins on a new Fast & Furious movie. Just look at this absolute unit recently seen encountered by Jay Brewer of The Reptile Zoo.

Brewer encountered this large adult son of an animal during a trip to Texas. Unfotunately, he did not share the location of this beast, so maybe it's best to just stay out of Texas altogether rather than chance running into this thing.

This guy handles large, dangerous animals for a living and you can definitely hear his voice change there at the end as the camera cuts off and the kangaroo brings him in for an unwanted hug. Since he has continued posting to social media since the encounter, I feel safe in assuming the kangaroo eventually let go.