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Pro Football Focus Projects Jordan Love to Have a Better Season Than Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields

Stephen Douglas
Trevor Lawrence
Trevor Lawrence / James Gilbert/Getty Images

Jordan Love is currently taking all of the reps in Green Bay Packers minicamp. Until Aaron Rodgers has a change of heart, Love is QB1 and after a rocky start, things are really turning around. Love says he'll be ready for week 1 so Pro Football Focus projected what his season might look like and I think Packers fans might be OK with it.

Heck, Aaron Rodgers only threw for 4,299 yards last season. Sure, he threw 48 touchdown passes and just five picks, but 4,149 yards would put Love in the top third in passing yards. How weird that Love's projection is right around what Rodgers did in his first year as a starter (4,038 yards, 28 TD, 13 INT). And much better than Brett Favre's first year in Green Bay (13 games, 3,227 yards, 18 TD, 13 INT). Last year's Rookie of the Year, Justin Herbert had 4,336 yards, 30 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

Considering Love only turns 23 this season and has never taken an NFL snap, you might as well compare him to this year's rookie class and wouldn't you know it? Love stacks up favorably next to Zach Wilson and Justin Fields and is right there with Trevor Lawrence.

Obviously, these are just fancy guesses, but are you going to argue with math? If Love does end up as the Packers quarterback this season then Green Bay fans should be thrilled. It really will look like they could have their third straight Hall of Fame quarterback leading them into their fourth consecutive decade of relevance.