Zach Wilson Was Lineman Dan Feeney's Biggest Cheerleader as He Chugged Beer at the Islanders' Game

Stephen Douglas
Zack Wilson and Dan Feeney.
Zack Wilson and Dan Feeney. / Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A group of New York Jets attended the New York Islanders game four win over the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday. Among them were top pick Zach Wilson and offensive lineman Dan Feeney. Both chugged. One went viral.

That man with the beautiful mullet and elite beer drinking skills is Dan Feeney, who just signed with the Jets after spending the first three years of his career with the Chargers. The man with his back is rookie quarterback Wilson. If Feeney's protection is half as good as his mullet, Wilson will be happy to hide behind him this season.

If you're into psycoanalyzing stuff like this, then Wilson certainly appears to be a part of the group. What lineman wouldn't want to protect a quarterback after he's been hit in the face with beer that bounced off your mullet?