Jon Rahm's Bold Vision for Future of PGA Tour: A Freaking Port-a-Potty on Every Hole

Jon Rahm likes his bathrooms.

At a media event in advance of the FedEx Playoffs, which kick off on Thursday, Jon Rahm was asked what changes he would like to see on the PGA Tour. After a year of shocking change and uncertainty, combined with the great ball rollback debate, there were plenty of strings for the two-time major winner to pull on, but he chose a very humble one.

The man simply wants a freaking Port-a-Potty on every hole.

"I know this is going to sound very stupid," he said. "I know it sounds crazy but I can't choose when I have to go to the bathroom. I've told the Tour this many times as simple as that."

Rahm went on to say that even though the food situation is incredible at many stops, more consistency with healthy options would be welcomed.

A simple man with a simple plan. One can understand why he's so passionate about the issue after hearing Brooks Koepka reveal that his playing partner used the facilities seven times during the marathon final round of the Masters. Not a doctor but that feels like a tremendous amount of times for someone not trying to race through a case of light beer by the 18th fairway.

The importance of having a comfort oasis is not a single-person cause, though. Just a few weeks ago, Rickie Fowler had an excellent round derailed by nature calling and an inability to find a toilet. This is something that really impacts people.

It's tough to imagine trying to play a game as mentally taxing as golf while really having to go and not being at a shady muni where sneaking off to the woods is par for the course. These guys are true athletes.