John Calipari Can't Stop to Chat While Pushing His Doggy Stroller

Oakland v Kentucky
Oakland v Kentucky / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

John Calipari is leaving Kentucky after 15 seasons, four Final Fours and one NCAA championship. Coach Cal is reportedly heading to Arkansas just two weeks after Kentucky athletic director Mitch Barnhart confirmed that he would return for a 16th season. Local media members braved the eclipse and descended on Calipari's neighborhood on Monday to get some answers. It was there that Calipari was found and declined comment, explaining that he was walking his dog.

Behold the incredible footage of a man walking his dog with a stroller.

To the dog's credit, if you watch the entire video you'll see the dog was actually walking itself, but still, what an image. Just a dude pushing a stroller with nary a baby in sight.

It's no surprise that he wasn't able to walk and talk. When you consider how much prep he needs these days, it makes complete sense. This is the same guy who left a press conference early in February because he had a game two days later.

Calipari previously posted a picture of himself pushing the doggy stroller on Facebook five years ago. This certainly makes it seem likely that John Calipari spends a good amount of time walking around pushing a dog in a stroller. Hopefully, Arkansas looked into this closely before making their offer.

Some feel that Calipari has had trouble adjusting to the Transfer Portal Era as he has failed to get the Wildcats out of the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament safely since, well, the last time we saw him pushing that stroller. So maybe it was time for a change. Both for Kentucky basketball and the guy who can no longer push his doggy stroller in peace. Hopefully, the next coach has better luck.