Joe Biden Now Dunking on Tommy Tuberville Online and in Speeches

Biden tweeted at Tuberville after the senator celebrated a bill he had voted against.

President Biden Delivers Address On "Bidenomics" Economic Plan In Chicago
President Biden Delivers Address On "Bidenomics" Economic Plan In Chicago / Scott Olson/GettyImages

Tommy Tuberville voted against the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act back in 2021, that bill will now provide his state of Alabama with $1.4 billion to expand high-speed broadband Internet access. The state's junior senator then celebrated the passage of the act as a success on Tuesday, tweeting broadband is "vital." He has been getting dunked on for that tweet ever since. In fact, the dunking goes all the way to the top as President Joe Biden has gotten involved. This morning the official POTUS account quote-tweeted Tuberville saying, "See you at the groundbreaking."

President Biden was not done there though. While discussing "Bidenomics" this afternoon he again called out the former Auburn football coach.

"Well, there's a guy named Tuberville, a senator from Alabama, who announced that he strongly opposed the legislation. Now he's hailing it's passage." Biden then quoted Tuberville, paused for effect and did the sign of the cross while the audience had a good laugh.

Meanwhile, Steven Stafford, a spokeperson for Tuberville released a statement saying he voted against the baill because it "wasted Alabamians' tax dollars." Per NBC News, "Now that it is law of the land, the people of Alabama deserve their fair share. Coach is proud to advocate for this funding to go to Alabama."

In case you were curious, Tuberville hasn't coached a game since November 25, 2016 when Tulsa beat Cincinnati, 40-37, in overtime. It was the Bearcats' fifth consecutive loss to end the season. Tuberville resigned a few days later, but he still employs people who call him coach.