Former Football Coach and Current Senator Tommy Tuberville Thinks Football Players Should Avoid Politics

Stephen Douglas
Tommy Tuberville.
Tommy Tuberville. / Pool/Getty Images

Tommy Tuberville spoke with TMZ, which now apparently has people patroling the streets of Washington, D.C., about the 2021 NFL Draft. Tuberville is a big fan of the draft, but hopes that the kids who get drafted stay out of politics. Swear to Saban, Tommy Tuberville said these things. Via TMZ Sports:

"I'd just like to see our country be more settled down in terms of people getting into politics or in sports and vice versa."

"Nobody's looking for an outspoken person," Tuberville said on Capitol Hill this week of the advice he'd give to his players if they were heading into Thursday's draft. "We're too divided as it is."

"Everybody wants to make an opinion and that's fine," Tuberville tells us. "But, I think, especially for young people to get involved in something that maybe they might not understand as much, I think they need to let people that, whatever they do for a living, justify it."

Again. This is Tommy Tuberville, who played college football and then spent 40 years coaching football, telling football players to keep politics out of sports and vice versa. You cannot make this up. Though Tuberville's advice about not getting involved in something you might not understand is sound.