Jets Fans Are About to Get So Hyped Over This Video of Aaron Rodgers Taking Two Steps Without Crutches

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers /

While Zach Wilson has actually shown some competency over the last two weeks, fans of the New York Jets are still very much going through the stages of grief while mourning the season they could have had if not for Aaron Rodgers' Achilles injury. We're in Week 6 now and those fans have reached the stage where they are all attempting to talk themselves into Rodgers coming back this year. Which is impossible given what we know about current medical science and Achilles injuries in athletes.

That apparently will not stop people like Mike Greenberg going on television and proclaiming Rodgers would return by Week 13, as the ESPN analyst did on Tuesday. As if that wasn't enough, the Jets tweeted out a clip of Rodgers walking without crutches ahead of today's matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles to really get the masses going.

One might notice (and therefore temper their expectations accordingly) that Rodgers was unable to walk down the whole tunnel, instead needing a ride before he could take unassisted steps into the building. But that would be reasonable, and sports fans do not live in such realms. Rodgers back, baby!

In seriousness Rodgers walking without crutches is probably a positive sign for his recovery but the reaction to this video is going to be very much over the top compared to its actual significance. If Rodgers decides he knows better than these doctors too and attempts to return to the field at any point this season, he is going to fold like a piece of wet cardboard on the first hit he takes and his career would be over. Which would be a bummer to watch play out live.

All that logic isn't good content, however, so be prepared for a 10-minute Greenberg reaction video on Get Up tomorrow morning. No matter what happens on the field this afternoon.