Aaron Rodgers Wants to Debate Travis Kelce About Vaccines With RFK Jr. And Anthony Fauci

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers /

Today is Tuesday, which means Aaron Rodgers was on the Pat McAfee Show for his weekly interview spot. Rodgers, of course, hasn't had much to do recently as he's gone through the early stages of rehab for his torn Achilles tendon. He managed to get well enough to attend the Kansas City Chiefs-New York Jets game on Sunday Night Football last week. When discussing the contest with McAfee a few days later, Rodgers referred to Kelce as "Mr. Pfizer" because the Chiefs tight end is a spokesman for the company. Kelce, in turn, laughed about the nickname and said he never thought he'd be in a vaccine war with Aaron Rodgers.

This is the backstory for the headline that surely made you do a double-take. McAfee asked Rodgers about Kelce again and Rodgers said while he doesn't see him and Kelce trading comments as a "war" he's open to a vaccine debate. He then suggested they should have "seconds" like the duel at the end of John Wick 4 and picked Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as his partner while offering up Dr. Anthony Fauci as Kelce's.

It's basically a COVID-era Mad Libs.

That would make for hellish television. Everyone would be yelling over each other. RFK would be using it as a campaign launching pad. Fauci would probably be quite displeased to be pulled from whatever beach he's enjoying in retirement. Nobody should want this.

And even if they want it they shouldn't hold their breath because, unlike Rodgers, Kelce actually has football to play this year. We're a few more Rodgers quips away from this being the sort of distraction that Kelce is going to start avoiding completely during interviews.

A true upset that Taylor Swift didn't get pulled into this, though. If Rodgers really wanted the spotlight on him again he would've name-dropped her here. Must be losing his COVID conspiracy fastball.