Jason and Travis Kelce Chugged Beers at the Cavs Game


Jason and Travis Kelce were honored guests at the Cleveland Cavaliers-Boston Celtics game last night, which turned out to be amazing timing as their hometown team mounted a furious fourth-quarter comeback and found a 105-104 victory. These guys are football players but — get this — they are also brothers who have managed to break through the nearly impossible to crack podcast algorithm to the point potential advertisers send them RFPs. The elder just retired at the age of 36 and the younger is doing gap-year stuff like flying out to Singapore to check out up-and-coming pop stars. In short, it seems like they're both having the time of their life.

They are from the Midwest so they are very down-to-Earth and everyone knows that is code for yeah, they drink beers no matter what it might do to their waistlines. So at one point during the proceedings the Cavaliers mascot, Moondog, delivered two frosty cups of delicious suds to the celebrity fans sitting courtside.

And the Kelce brothers made quick work of them.

Through the history of humankind, one of the surest ways to get a quick pop off is to chug a beer on the scoreboard. No crowd in the history of crowd has ever sat on their hands for that. Their response is almost Pavlovian. The beer is there one second and then not there in the next and it feels like that must be acknowledged. And pretty much anything this pair does is met with great enthusiasm from the public and everyone knows better than to kick any hornets' nests and dare to say something negative.

If two dudes in their mid-30s want to make a habit of going full Welcome Week whenever presented the opportunity, good for them. That was about the age crippling hangovers from like two or three real beers or five light ones began to knock me out of commission for a full 30 hours so I'm actually a bit jealous.