Jake Paul Calls Out Dana White Over UFC Fighter Pay

Dana White, ranting about Jake Paul.
Dana White, ranting about Jake Paul. /

Jake Paul showed up at UFC 261 on Saturday night where he was booed early and often and confronted by Daniel Cormier. After the event, Dana White was asked about Paul and the possibility of doing business with him. White tried to be nice, but was eventually baited into ranting about Paul's boxing career and the pay-per-view numbers that Triller have claimed they are doing with those fights.

On Sunday Paul posted a note on Twitter responding to White and he brought up some good points about fighter pay. And he told White to pay Jon Jones and Francis N'gannou and make that fight happen, which White does not seem interested in at the moment.

White said he doesn't do things like book Jake Paul, but he did eventually find a way to get Kimbo Slice into the UFC. And he gave CM Punk and James Toney fights they clearly should not have been given. He helped make the McGregor - Mayweather fight. White is not above spectacle and the way this Jake Paul thing is going, there is no reason to think he won't end up in some one-sided sham of a bout at UFC 300 or something.

Of course, the real thing to focus on for now is that White and the UFC are criminally underpaying fighters and then calling them greedy when they don't just fall in line. They won't even reveal what they paid the fighters at UFC 261, but rest assured they took care of it with ticket sales and then had all the pay-per-view money left over for profits.