Jake Paul Confronted By Daniel Cormier, Booed by the Jacksonville Crowd at UFC 261

Antonio Brown and Jake Paul at UFC 261
Antonio Brown and Jake Paul at UFC 261 /

Jake Paul attended UFC 261 in Florida on Saturday night. Paul sat next to Antonio Brown who apparently didn't get to sit next to fellow Super Bowl champions Tom Brady, Mike Evans and Blaine Gabbert. Anyway, when Brown and Paul were shown the crowd booed Paul very loudly.

Boos quickly turned to cheers when cameras cut to Nick Diaz, which only made it more clear that the 15,000 fans in attendance did not like Paul. As if the multiple "F-ck Jake Paul" chants that broke out throughout the night didn't get the message across.

Paul was also confronted by Daniel Cormier during a break in the action. Absolutely incredible scene as Cormier, the former UFC heavyweight and light heavyweight champion, was working the event for the pay-per-view broadcast with Joe Rogan and Jon Anik. That's the kind of passion Jake Paul inspires.

If you aren't sure why this confrontation took place, earlier this week on a podcast with his brother, Logan Paul, Jake Paul said, "Daniel Cormier, I'll beat the f**k out of your fat ass too -- just like Stipe did."