Jacksonville Jaguars, Led By Trevor Lawrence, Broke Huddle by Yelling 'Grind!'

Typical Jaguars huddle.
Typical Jaguars huddle. / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars ended pratice yesterday by gathering around Trevor Lawrence for a team huddle that broke with everyone yelling "grind!" Players can be seen laughing as they walk away. This could mean two things.

Possibility Number One: The Jaguars always yell "grind" when they break huddles either in games or practice. It's just funny now because of what their coach was very famously caught doing over the weekend. That word has been forever tainted.

Possibility Number Two: They have never yelled grind before and someone told the rookie quarterback to say it. Or worse yet, he thought of it on his own. The Jaguars are openly taunting their coach.

Have to say, neither of those seem very appetizing. When team owner Shad Khan said in an official statement that Meyer has to "regain our trust and respect," this is a perfect example of Meyer not currently having that trust.

Yes, it's true that Urban Meyer didn't make or break a vow to any of his players, but how can you coach in the NFL if the players are laughing behind your back or in front of your face?