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Another Video of Urban Meyer Has Emerged

Stephen Douglas
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Jacksonville Jaguars v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Urban Meyer returned to Columbus, Ohio, over the weekend and went out after a dinner with his family. While his wife babysat their grandchildren, Meyer was seen with some old and new friends. Viral video and pictures from his evening put him in a position where he had to apologize to his team and family for being a distraction.

At a press conference this morning, Meyer explained that he went next door to the steakhouse where he had just eaten to take some pictures. According to Meyer, "they tried to pull me out on the dance floor screwing around and I should have left."

The person who posted the original video, which showed Meyer sitting on a barstool while an unidentified woman danced in front of him, has deleted his account. Today another video emerged that someone took of a Snapchat showing Meyer with the same woman from the original video.

Between the video and the message on the Snapchat, Meyer will probably have to do another round of apologies. You also have to wonder if more pictures or videos will leak. Either way, this story isn't going away as quickly as Meyer wishes it would.