Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence Have Become the Biggest Losers In Jacksonville

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cincinnati Bengals
Jacksonville Jaguars v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Urban Meyer and Trevor Lawrence have turned into losers since they showed up in Jacksonville. That's not to say that they can't eventually turn things around, but Meyer's "one-year plan" is out the window and there is definitely a stink on them right now that neither has ever smelled.

Meyer has never lost four consecutive games. He's now 0-4 in the NFL. Lawrence has apparently not lost four total games since they started keeping track in high school all the way through his stellar run at Clemson. He's now 0-4 in the NFL. He's already thrown seven interceptions, one off his career-high from his sophomore season with the Tigers.

The good news is that Lawrence is young and has shown some flashes of what made him so great in college. There is reason for optimism. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Meyer feels it right now. After a historically great career coaching college football, it sure seems like he's having a tough time adjusting to the NFL.

Meyer should find inspiration in the franchise he is coaching. Yes, they've been a joke and a pawn for NFL in Europe recently, but they also once knew greatness. Before two decades of disappointment, the Jaguars experienced the most impressive turnaround possible, going from non-existent to the AFC Championship Game.

The Jags went 4-12 in their inaugural season, but won two playoff games in 1996. They were in the playoffs in four of their first five seasons with two trips to the AFCCG. In 1999 they went 14-2. See? Greatness is possible in DUUUUVAL. Lawrence is probably that guy. The question is, will Meyer hang in there?