Let's Just Have Any Player Who Has Beefed With Charles Barkley Appear on 'Inside the NBA'

Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley /

Inside the NBA had a special guest last night by the name of Draymond Green, who has nothing to do since the Golden State Warriors were not invited to participate in the NBA bubble in Orlando. He was about as expected. There were a few fun soundbites and hot takes. Green seemed comfortable and didn't mess with the general vibe all too much.

The real highlight was when he and Charles Barkley addressed their history of combative comments towards one another, though. It was great. Green complained about seeing Barkley's "triple-single" comment all over his Instagram. The whole thing got me thinking: what if Inside the NBA brought on all of the players Barkley has had some kind of beef with in the past?

Just think of the entertainment value there. Ideally, most end up like Green and Barkley, laughing about what was said on TV, not taking themselves or their past comments too seriously. What if Joel Embiid came on and got to say what he really thinks of Barkley? The Sixers big man does love to have fun and seems like he would approach it in the same manner Green did, but it could also get a little contentious. It would be great.

And, obviously, the list does not stop there. Let's have LeBron James on to chat about how he got chippy when Barkley questioned his leadership a few years ago. In a perfect world, we could have a cross-network collaboration that would give us Barkley v. Skip Bayless, even though he's not a former player. Hell, let's get Charles Oakley on set to settle disputes that go back to their playing days.

Inside the NBA is already great, but this idea would add some serious spice. Take it and run with it, Turner!