Here Are the Two Worst Christmas Songs You Probably Don't Know Exist

Kylie Performs At Royal Albert Hall In London
Kylie Performs At Royal Albert Hall In London / Christie Goodwin/GettyImages

Christmas is just a few days away so you're probably nearing your capacity for Christmas music. While there are plenty of certified classics and a ton of standards you learned when you were a child and will never forget, there are also some bad ones. This year, thanks to a new channel on SiriusXM, "Jolly," I've been introduce to two truly offensive Christmas songs that I had never heard before. Neither original. Both incredible for a number of reasons.

First, there's "Taking Care of Christmas," a real life example of "Christmas is All Around," from Love, Actually. Randy Bachman of Bachman-Turner Overdrive retrofitted his 1974 hit "Takin' Care of Business" for the holidays, replacing "business" with "Christmas." Beverley Mahood joined him for this unbelievable attempt at holiday relevance back in 1996.

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Admittedly, this is not horrible to listen to. It's just hilariously silly. When the original came out it must have been incredible. Then as it was used over and over in movies and TV shows and Office Depot commercials it became one of those songs that doesn't seem like it ever could have really been a legitimate rock-n-roll hit. So the fact that it took two full decades for Bachman to pull the trigger and try to further extend the song's life is actually kind of impressive. Although considering the song has only racked up 138,000 views on YouTube in a decade shows that he probably could have waited a little longer.

Now for a more traditional cover. The Waitress' original "Christmas Wrapping" from 1981 is a certified banger. It's unique, it's catchy as hell, it featured a woman rapping about sun burn and Halloween. What's not to like?

Well, how about you randomly add Iggy Pop.

It's like he was in the studio that day and refused to leave so they just turned his microphone on a few times and got this. It makes no sense. Kylie Minogue does a complete fine cover on her own.

But what the hell is Iggy Pop doing here? You know that oral history of the time ODB recorded his part on the Fantasy remix? I imagine that but with Santa hats. He sounds horrible and the addition of the male voice is completely unnecessary for the song. And it shows in the reception. The album version and live version (sans Iggy Pop) have just over 300,000 combined views on YouTube. Whereas pretty much every version of the original has millions. As it should be.