Rob Gronkowski Trashed Mac Jones on FOX NFL Halftime Show: 'It's as Bad as the Fans Have Been Saying'


Rob Gronkowski was very involved in Week 12's matchup between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. First he and Michael Strahan were interviewed live during the first half because FOX knew what a stinker the game was destined to be. Then Gronk teed off on Mac Jones during halftime.

"It's very frustrating. And it's very frustrating as an ex-Patriots to watch the game. It's actually one of the first times this year I've watched a complete half of a Patriots game. And let me tell you, it's as bad as what the fans have been saying. Mac Jones should have thrown about four picks already."

First of all, let's give Gronk credit for avoiding much of the 2023 New England Patriots season because it has been very bad. That shows some elite decision-making on his part.

Jones finished the first half completing 12 of 21 passes for 89 yards and two interceptions. He also fumbled. The Patriots punted on their other four posessions of the first half. Bailey Zappe then replaced Jones to start the second half. Hopefully, Gronk sticks around to see what happens.