The 'Good Morning Football' Coffee House Will Change the Way You Think About Sports Studio Shows


Good Morning Football has done it again. On Thursday's episode they debuted the GMFB Coffee House, which absolutely must become a regular segment. Kyle Brandt, in a scarf so large it must have been special ordered on the internet and cost extra to ship, sang a song about Jimmy Garoppolo, while Jamie Erdahl and Jason McCourty enjoyed the performance and helped with the chorus.

Of course, this is really just burying the lede because Tom Pelissero was there in a cowboy hat playing guitar.

How must the other NFL insiders feel watching this video? You know the guy who was first to tweet the Mecole Hardman signing yesterday?

If he doesn't break any news today that's because he's busy playing guitar on live television.

There is no other sports studio show that would even think of this, let alone attempt it. And like most of the bits on GMFB, they didn't just half-ass it. They committed and pulled it off and it was good. To a point where you're wondering, is this song available on streaming services? Would I really listen to a full album of Kyle Brandt signing original songs about football players? Should we start calling Tom Pelissero "The Axe Man?"

That's why there's nothing on sports television like Good Morning Football. No other show allows the talent to explore the studio space the way they do, but then again, no other show has the talent to try.