Atlanta Falcons Credit Tom Pelissero For Scoop About Their Own Player

Liam McKeone
Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Falcons / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Crediting other reports for scoops is one of the many games within the game when it comes to sports media. For every piece of big (and little) news, you'll see a half-dozen tweets all reporting the same thing; half will credit the original reporter, and half will not. There isn't a lot of rhyme or reason to it, although when it comes to truly massive news (like Adam Schefter's scoop on Andrew Luck's retirement), everyone gives credit where credit is due.

What does not happen is a team giving credit to a reporter for a scoop on one of their players. But on Monday, the Falcons did just that. Tom Pelissero, NFL Network's No. 2 newsbreaker behind Ian Rapoport, reported that Atlanta would be releasing former first-round pick Desmond Trufant. In their release announcing the move, the Falcons credited Pelissero for being the first to report the news.

This is equally unusual and amusing. The Falcons are talking in the third person like they're Jimmy from Seinfeld. It's written like a news article about another team's plans to release a player... except it's on the official Falcons website about a Falcons player. It's almost like the person who runs the site learned this was happening from Pelissero and figured they'd better write it up, just to be safe.

Strange times indeed.