Giants QB Tommy DeVito Loves Chicken Parm, Making Art, and '2 Fast 2 Furious'

Tommy DeVito
Tommy DeVito / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

New York Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito has quickly become an object of fascination in the minds of all NFL fans because he is the answer to the question, "What if your Italian neighbor who was an above-average athlete and liked 'The Godfather' too much made it to the NFL?" It is an easy story for the national audience to grab on to because DeVito grew up in North Jersey, nine miles from Metlife Stadium, and is now starting for his hometown team. During Sunday's Giants-Cowboys broadcast much was made of the fact that DeVito still lives at home and his mother makes his bed for him every day.

It doesn't matter too much that the Giants were then sent to the shadow realm by their divisional rivals and lost 49-17. Any reasonable expectations of competitiveness for this team went out the window for good when Daniel Jones tore his ACL. The Giants stink, everybody knows they stink, so attention is diverted from the onfield product to something more fun. Like DeVito.

Which brings us to today. Giants beat writer Pat Leonard tweeted out a fun fact graphic of sorts about DeVito, highlighting his favorite meal, movies, people he'd like to have dinner with, all that stuff. And there's, um, a lot to unpack.

We obviously have to start with his favorite movies. I mean, 2 Fast 2 Furious?! Are you kidding? It's easily the worst of all the Fast movies. The newer ones are certainly giving it a run for its money but it's extremely difficult to top that movie's particular brand of early-2000s terribleness, from the famous "forget about it, cuh" line uttered by Paul Walker, to the stereotypical vaguely exotic drug kingpin with the final confrontation taking place on a yacht. Bad Boys is a great choice, of course, but taking the second Fast movie over any other is really something. We all have those movies that we watched when we were young and thus have an inexplicable fondness for but I didn't think anybody viewed 2 Fast 2 Furious like that. And yet we find that person playing quarterback for a professional football team. Better judgement is usually required to make it that far.

Then there's the dinner guests. Impressively, Jeff Bezos is the least problematic person on that list. At the very least this shines a bright light on DeVito's priorities because the only thing those three individuals have in common is that they are very, very rich. For different reasons, admittedly, but all are incredibly wealthy. It would be fascinating to see Elon Musk and Floyd Mayweather interact, so a point to DeVito there.

Sprinting through the rest like we're being chased by Micah Parsons... Making art" is how I would also describe my artistic process if I could draw worth a lick. TD is a pretty sweet nickname. Saying his favorite food is chicken parm with vodka sauce makes us suspect he might be leaning a little hard into the Guy From Jersey thing, but a bit can be very profitable if played well.

It seems the Giants are rolling with DeVito going forward despite not trusting him to pass the ball at all, so we're going to hear a lot more about this going forward. Because there are quite a few games left to play and nobody wants to hear about this terrible Giants team. I give it three weeks until we get Mrs. DeVito's chicken parm recipe being read on air.