It Just Keeps Getting Worse For the New York Giants

Jason Garrett
Jason Garrett / Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The blows just kept on coming this morning for New York Giants fans. The dreadful day began with the news they weren't signing the coveted Matt Rhule, then they hired the unknown Joe Judge as head coach. Now, wait for it, they might bring in Jason Garrett to be the team's offensive coordinator.

They say bad news comes in threes, but "bad" is putting it lightly. The latest reports from this gut-punching morning has to have many scratching their heads. The Giants have seen the ineptitude and lack of progress Garrett has had as a team's offensive mind firsthand for the past decade. Garrett's last several years, which should never have happened, makes it hard to justify him getting a spot as a position coach on any team.

UPDATE: Well, that idea is out. Garrett is not being considered.

You have to feel for those living in New York still rooting for the blue team. The clear losers of the offseason have virtually nothing to look forward to. They are keeping Dave Gettleman, which ensures the team will have limited potential. The defense is atrocious, Saquon Barkley is coming off a lackluster and injury-filled year, Daniel Jones didn't even convince his close friends he is the answer, and they managed to win their way out of the Chase Young sweepstakes.

As all things sit currently, the Giants project to fail in far more areas than they might succeed.

If you are looking for a positive spin (and New York radio isn't providing it for you), perhaps Jones doesn't improve, Judge shows he's in over his head, Gettleman makes more bad moves, Barkley doesn't rebound, and their attempt to win meaningless games toward the end of the season fails so hard that they can draft Trevor Lawrence.