Matt Rhule Just Secured the Bag and His Long-Term Future

Kyle Koster
New Panthers head coach and financially-secure man Matt Rhule
New Panthers head coach and financially-secure man Matt Rhule / Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Matt Rhule was the apple of so many team's eyes as the coaching carousel spun round and round. He ended up in Carolina, a late entry into the crowded field lusting after his services, and secured a Jon Gruden-like contract that is taking some reporters and fans aback.

Adam Schefter reports the Panthers are inking Rhule to a seven-year, $60 million deal. That's a spicy meatball!

The long-term security is nothing new for Rhule, who was on a 10-year contract with Baylor. The man is not a day trader.

At the very least, Rhule's past work with quarterbacks will be useful in returning Cam Newton to form or chaperoning a new arm.

A contract like this does not reflect a win-now mandate. It reflects a sustained investment and belief in the methods of a man who has rose two programs back from the ashes like a modern-day Phoenix. The Panthers must be enamored with Rhule and his methods and appear to be willing to let them play out.

It's a great day for a guy on a meteoric rise who figures to have years ahead to build his legacy his own way.