Geno Auriemma Sorry, Not Sorry UConn Wasn't Called For a Foul on Baylor's Final Shot

DiJonai Carrington doesn't get fouled. - Referees
DiJonai Carrington doesn't get fouled. - Referees / Elsa/Getty Images

DiJonai Carrington took the final shot of Baylor's season in the Elite Eight against UConn. That shot was successfully contested by Aaliyah Edwards and Olivia Nelson-Ododa. There was quite a bit of contact, but no foul was called. Many people, including LeBron James and Geno Auriemma's daughter, disagreed with the call and the UConn coach was asked about it after the game. His response wandered around a bit, but eventually reached its destination.

The gist of it was that you take the bad calls when they're in your favor and complain when they are not. Last night UConn was the recipient of the final bad call that decided the final play, and thus the ultimate result of the game. So Auriemma isn't upset about it and he's not going to feel bad about people complaining about it all week. (Though he may luck out that most people complain about the Baylor coach all week.)

Had UConn defended the final shot without making contact and officials had called a foul, Carrington made a couple free throws and Baylor eventually won, Auriemma admits he would be the one complaining. It's little consolation to Baylor that he's honest about it.

Thanks to the final non-call, Auriemma and the Huskies are headed to their 13th consecutive Final Four. They have not won since 2016. They'll need some more calls to go their way to remedy that.