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Baylor's Kim Mulkey Says NCAA Should 'Dump' COVID Testing For Final Four

Stephen Douglas
Kim Mulkey during a Sweet 16 game against Michigan.
Kim Mulkey during a Sweet 16 game against Michigan. / Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The UConn Huskies beat the Baylor Bears in the NCAA Women's Elite Eight on Monday night. In her postgame interview, Bears coach Kim Mulkey, who most recently coached Baylor to the NCAA championship in 2019, suggested the NCAA just forget about COVID testing for both the men's and women's Final Four.

This is insane. Yes, it would be a shame if any of the players tested positive and didn't get to play in the Final Four. It would be an even bigger shame if a player did catch COVID-19 and the women's Final Four turned into a superspreader event where a bunch of players and coaches got sick. It's almost unbelievable for someone to suggest that.

Here's Mulkey in January, via the Associated Press:

“The season will continue on. It’s called the almighty dollar,” Mulkey said after the sixth-ranked Lady Bears lost 75-71 to Iowa State on Saturday night. “The NCAA has to have the almighty dollar from the men’s tournament. The almighty dollar is more important than the health and welfare of me, the players or anybody else.”

Mulkey had tested positive earlier that month, after being exposed to a family member over Christmas.