Mike Francesa Blames Entercom For Clash With Funhouse Twitter Account

Liam McKeone
Mike Francesa
Mike Francesa / Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Mike Francesa made waves throughout the Twitterverse on Thursday night when he complained about how many people saw his Donald Trump rant, courtesy of the popular Funhouse Twitter account, AKA @BackAftaThis. Though he did not name the account specifically, Francesa said nobody can repurpose his content without the permission of WFAN, and should others continue to do so, they'd be hearing from the lawyers.

During a Q&A on Saturday morning, Francesa laid the blame at the feet of WFAN's parent company Entercom, in which he also acknowledged the existence of Funhouse, which is a first as far as I'm aware.

Whether or not you buy Francesa's "don't shoot the messenger" aura here, a big risk is being taken by those at WFAN and Entercom. It seems quite unlikely millions of people would have seen Francesa's rant if it weren't for accounts like Funhouse that regularly disperse his daily musings for free, even if they're violating copyright laws.

Now we'll see if angry online users take it to Entercom with the same ferocity they've been taking it to Francesa over the last few days.