Mike Francesa Just Started a War With His Greatest Ally on Twitter

Mike Francesa at the 2019 Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremony
Mike Francesa at the 2019 Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremony / Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Mike Francesa is clearly not a fan of his work being publicized on Twitter. On Thursday, Francesa announced he was tired of people using clips from his show online, so the long-time radio host declared no one could post any of his audio or video on Twitter without his permission. That may mean bad news for the "Funhouse" Twitter account (@BackAfterThis) which posts a lot of clips from Francesa's show.

Francesa was upset that his rant about Donald Trump wound up getting 2.4 million views on the Funhouse account and wants it shut down.

Here's the thing though, the Funhouse account publicizes his show. He may not like the way the account does it, but far more people get to see or hear his segments because Funhouse has more than 97,300 followers. The use of those clips clearly magnifies his reach, even if he doesn't like the style of the tweets.

Here's what the account tweeted after Francesa's declaration:

The account continued:

The account does plan on continuing to post content from other shows:

This might have been a poorly-calculated move by Francesa. The Funhouse account made him accessible to many more listeners. Now he's cut that off.