Francis Ngannou Mixed Up Push and Pull, Destroyed a Shop Door


Francis Ngannou is very big and very strong. The former UFC heavyweight champion is the kind of guy who doens't know his own strength even though he's gotten rich showing people just how strong he really is. He has a professional boxing match coming up later this month against Tyson Fury, but first he had to get inside this shop. Channeling Tim Robinson, Ngannou mixed up push and pull with insane results. Instead of breaking a sweat, he simply pushed the door so hard all the glass exploded.

Now, if you were to tell me this was staged to drum up some interest in his fight against Fury... I would totally believe you. Have you ever seen anything so outrageous before? The man put enough pressure on an unlocked door that it literally exploded. It really is quite a few steps above one of the Winklevoss twins pulling a 225-year-old doorknob off a door. And they didn't even have a fight to promote. And while Ngannou is a monster, why aren't other heavyweights and professional football players of similar sizes doing the same thing regularly? Why isn't there a rash of exploding doors whenever a professional athlete needs to buy a quart of milk? Maybe there's just a limited amount of true magic in this world.

The shopkeeper was initially very upset, what with his front doors being completely destroyed, but once Ngannou explained what had happened, who he was, and probably most importantly, that he would pay for the damage.