Doug Pederson Was 'Pissed Off' in His Weekly Radio Appearance on WIP

Doug Pederson
Doug Pederson / Elsa/Getty Images

It feels like the Philadelphia Eagles should be much better than their record suggests. Carson Wentz is fully healthy, the defense still boasts a monstrous front seven and Doug Pederson is a good coach. And yet! Philly currently sits at 3-4-1 and is somehow leading the putrid NFC East. But the Eagles just lost a huge divisional game to the lowly New York Giants on Sunday.

There are a variety of reasons the Eagles currently find themselves in this spot. Wentz' turnover issues have sunk the team on more than one occasion. The receiving corps has been hammered by injuries all season for the second year in a row. The offensive line has been decimated in a similar manner. The play-calling has been terrible. The Eagles are talented in some regards, but not nearly enough to overcome a failure to execute on gameday.

After his team's most recent aggravating loss, Pederson appeared on WIP in Philadelphia for his weekly interview. In his own words, he's "pissed off" and has never been more frustrated as an Eagles coach. I don't feel that strongly about the Eagles one way or another, but this is entertaining stuff.

My favorite part is the intermittent, world-weary sighs from Pederson. They are the sighs of a man who is fed up with everything right now. It would have been fairly easy for Pederson to grit his teeth and give non-answers in the form of coachspeak for his entire interview and just get the media availability over with. Instead, it appears his frustration is so overflowing that he can't help but grouse about his team on radio.

The season is far from over, but nothing about this Eagles team indicates they're due for a turnaround anytime soon. It is the NFC East, so they'll be in it till the end, but until then, we should look forward to more Pederson interviews like this *deep sigh*.