Donte Whitner: The 49ers Had to Play Taylor Swift, the Refs, and the Chiefs in the Super Bowl


The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl two months ago and honestly, the details are getting a little blurry. It's hard to remember the minutiae of the game, or what people talked about in the aftermath, but we do know a few things for sure: Travis Kelce yelled at Andy Reid, only one team knew what they were doing in overtime, and Taylor Swift got more airtime than Patrick Mahomes.

Former 49ers Pro Bowl safety and current NFL analyst Donte Whitner was a guest on Up & Adams on Monday and he remembers one other thing - San Francisco got screwed by the officials.

"When we think about the Super Bowl as well, I think that the 49ers played against the refs as well, guys. I think that when we look at that film and you see bear hugs on those defensive ends, right? And you really see it at blatant moments in the game. The 49ers played against Taylor Swift, the refs and the Kansas City Chiefs."

The Niners sacked Patrick Mahomes three times during the Super Bowl with Nick Bosa being held to zero sacks and three hits on the quarterback. During the first quarter Kyle Shanahan complained to an official after Trent Williams was called for a hold that negated a first down, arguing that the Chiefs were doing it too.

In the end both teams were penalized six times with Kansas City penalized 15 more yards than San Francisco. Were there a bunch of missed holding calls? Probably. Are you going to remember them if you weren't rooting for the Niners? Probably not. Especially when you had to deal with the Chiefs and Taylor Swift.