Donald Trump Rally Breaks Out In 'F Joe Biden' Chant While Heckler is Removed


Donald Trump was in Conway, South Carolina on Saturday, two weeks ahead of the South Carolina Republican primary. Speaking in front of a raucous crowd, the future Republican presidential nominee paused at one point for a disruption in the crowd. While he waited, a "F-ck Joe Biden" chant broke out. He then explained his new method of unfriendly crowd control.

"Alright, thank you very much. A little interlude. You know that use to happen all the time. Now it doesn't happen too much. You know I used to say to people, 'you go get them, you go get them.' And then I got sued so I said what the Hell? So now I say, 'please treat them kindly.' This way I don't get sued. Please treat them kindly. They're lovely people. Go home to momma."

The last part is a callback to his January speech where he told a heckler to "go home to mommy." Between this and a good old fashioned Let's Go Brandon chant from the crowd they made sure to play all the hits.