Donald Trump Interrupts Criticism of Joe Biden to Wonder Why the Patriots Stink

Donald Trump Hosts Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots At The White House
Donald Trump Hosts Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots At The White House / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

On Monday Donald Trump was on the campaign trail, speaking to a crowd in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. He touched upon President Joe Biden's upcoming summit with China's president, Xi Jinping, which was announced late last week. Trump obviously didn't have any compliments for the man who replaced him in office and said Biden's negotiations with Xi Jinping are similar to a high school football team competing against an NFL team.

As Trump searched for an apt comparison in terms of which NFL team would dominate a high school team the most, he mused to the crowd that the New England Patriots used to be good enough to be in this discussion and now they are not. After lamenting the fall of the once-proud franchise he asked the crowd, "What's going on with the Patriots?" and finished his derailing of his own points about Biden's competency.

I guess this isn't entirely surprising given Trump welcomed the Patriots to the White House once during his time in office and his established relationships with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. And, you know, he was in New Hampshire for this. But it is still remarkable the Patriots have fallen so far they've earned such a negative mention in a patented Trump speech that wanders aggressively from one point to another.

What's wrong with the Patriots? Only Belichick can truly answer that question. All we know is that they are a bad football team.