Donald Trump: They Are Taking 'Knocker Fields and Baseball Fields' From the Children

Donald Trump
Donald Trump / Sean Rayford/GettyImages

Earlier this week Donald Trump was in Tennessee to speak at the National Religious Broadcasters International Christian Media Convention. Held in Nashville, the former president hit many of his usual talking points and had a tough time pronouncing the word "evangelical" which is a pretty unfortunate tick to have at a religious broadcasters convention. Trump also decried what the left wants to take away from the country under President Joe Biden, which includes baseball fields and... knocker fields?

We can't make any sense of what that's supposed to mean, so maybe you can. Here's the clip of Trump saying the children are losing their baseball fields, soccer fields, and knocker fields and it's a very serious problem.

The most likely scenario seems to be that the former president was trying to say "soccer fields" again but said "knocker" instead of "soccer." Which is not exactly a mistake most people would make. Certainly not someone who has aced every dementia test thrown their way.

There's always the possibility that there's a new sport called knocker that all of us sports media folks have missed. Sounds British, if we're being honest.

But the simplest answer is often the right one and here it seems as though Trump stumbled over a few key syllables, leading to an amusing yet nonsensical soundbite. If recent trends continue we'll be seeing many more of these types of clips over the course of the election cycle.