Donald Trump Gives Rambling, In-Depth Descriptions of Dementia Test Questions at Las Vegas Rally

Donald Trump
Donald Trump /

Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Las Vegas on Saturday night, the first event he's hosted since a jury ordered him to pay $83.3 million in damages to E. Jean Carroll after a lengthy defamation trial. There was no mention of that yesterday, though, and the Trump train rolled on as normal.

One of the former president's talking points on Saturday was the cognitive test that he has been bragging about passing for months now. This time was different because he went way more in-depth about the particulars of the test than he ever had. Trump broke down the animal selection question, which he's mentioned before, but went further and discussed the multiplication he was allegedly required to do without pen and paper.

He ended up rambling about those questions for so long that if you somehow didn't know who was talking you would have no idea it was a presidential rally.

By the end of this election cycle I would imagine we'll be extremely familiar with these dementia test questions. Trump is going to keep bringing it up in order to suggest that he is of a more mentally sound state than his opponent Joe Biden. The age of both candidates is going to be a talking point no matter what so there's all the motivation in the world for Trump to continue to brag about the animals he identified and the numbers he multiplied.

Eventually we'll be able to put together the entire test based off Trump clips like the above. And then we'll all take it and see if his assertion that only a small percentage of the population could pass it.