Mentally Fit Donald Trump Forgot How to Say the Word 'Climate'

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Manchester, NH
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Manchester, NH / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

Donald Trump did some damage control at a campaign event in New Hampshire on Saturday night. The Republican frontrunner got some bad press earlier in the day after he mixed up Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi at another event on Friday night. Today Haley questioned Trump's "mental fitness." Trump responded by saying he mixes up names on purpose and backed that up by again claiming he "aced" a cognitive test that he recently took.

Earlier this week Trump had bragged about telling the difference between a whale, tiger and giraffe on this test. Which he takes to prove he's still got it. Not that you need a test to tell you that when you if you watched him try to say "climate" on stage a few minutes later.

This was likely during a rant about wind turbines, which he really doesn't like. Probably because he heard they weren't great for your "clime," which is what all the kids will soon start calling the climate. It's fantastic new slang, sir.