Donald Trump: Court Keeping Me From Campaign Trail, Also I'm Headed to Florida For a Golf Tournament

Former President Trump's Civil Fraud Trial Continues In New York City
Former President Trump's Civil Fraud Trial Continues In New York City / Michael M. Santiago/GettyImages

Donald Trump is currently on trial for civil fraud in New York. He shows up most days so that he can in turn hold court for the press and often takes the time to complain to his audience about his other ongoing court cases. On Wednesday he explained that the civil trial was a huge inconvenience as the trial was keeping him from campaigning in some key states before immediately admitting he wouldn't be attending court the rest of the week because he's hosting a golf tournament in Florida.

"This is what we go through," Trump said, "because they want to keep me here instead of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, lots of other great places. They want me to be here."

Then as Trump started to walk away a reporter asked if he would be back in court tomorrow, to which Trump replied, "Probably not. Probably... we're having a very big tournament, professional golf tournament at Doral so probably not."

So the real thing keeping Trump from the campaign trail for the rest of the week will be the Saudi-backed LIV Tour, which will hold the "Fantastic Finale" of their 2023 season at Trump National Doral. For just $274 you can have purchase a two-day VIP concert experience that includes entrance to the tournament and what sounds like an open bar and exclusive bathroom access. You think they have a deal that good in Iowa or New Hampshire this week? Donald Trump may never know thanks to the darn courts.