Don La Greca Blasts Chris Russo For Backing Out of Retirement Bet


Chris "Mad Dog" Russo made headlines when he promised to retire if the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Philadelphia Phillies in the NLCS. Now, Russo has backed down on that bet, claiming he won't retire but will instead endure another form of humiliation. Backing out of that promise has sent shockwaves through sports media. Let's just say, Don La Greca ain't happy about it.

La Greca, the co-host of The Michael Kay Show, went on the air Wednesday and claimed he had lost a lot of respect for Mad Dog. When a caller questioned that statement, La Greca ripped Russo for skipping out on the bet.

Check it out:

Someone is slightly triggered...

That was quite the rant. The more La Greca claims he doesn't care the clearer it becomes that he absolutely does. The world of New York sports radio rivalries completely escape me, but there appears to be something much deeper going on here.