Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo Has Promised to Retire if the Diamondbacks Beat the Phillies Tonight [UPDATE]

Dave Kotinsky/GettyImages

A spot in the World Series against the Texas Rangers is on the line tonight in Philadelphia as the Phillies take on those pesky Arizona Diamondbacks, who fought back to win Game 6 and force nine innings for the whole enchilada. But the stakes are actually much, much higher as Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's Hall of Fame career hangs in the balance. For some reason he willingly put his ass in the jackpot during yesterday's show on Mad Dog Radio.

"To make a long story short, I've been wrong on Arizona from Day 1," he said. "I'm stunned they beat Milwaukee, I thought they'd get swept by the Dodgers, I never thought they'd even go back to Philadelphia for a Game 6. I'll try it one more time. I would not be stunned if they won tonight, I would be floored. And I'll say this right now — and Bob Raissman write it down — if they win the next two days .. and win this series in seven games, if they win, I will retire on the spot."

So even though no one around here is named Bob Raissman or has the type of résumé he's put together at the New York Daily News, we wrote it down anyway. Just in case anyone wants to feel that added juice when the Diamondbacks attempt to slay the supposedly un-slayable Phillies. Just in case they do and then Mad Dog has to quit doing the thing he loves most or — gasp — be accused of someone who just says things he doesn't mean.

Or perhaps it was just the gummy talking.

UPDATE: Jimmy Traina provided the full version of the above segment in which Mad Dog backs off his claim that he'll retire and instead promises to miss his son Tim's first game as an assistant coach for Northern Arizona University.