No One Delivers a Speech Like Mike McDaniel


The Miami Dolphins were stunned by the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football last week and blowing that late lead may ultimately cost them the AFC's No. 1 seed but — and this is very important to note — it will not necessarily stop them from reaching the top of the NFL mountain. Mike McDaniel, in his Millennial wisdom, made sure that one loss did not become two losses by getting his team in a room shortly after the disaster and delivering a motivational speech that only he could deliver. It was light on coach-speak, heavy on personal accountability and featured enough swearing for Quentin Tarantino to take notice.

The Dolphins massacred the New York Jets 30-0 after this team meeting, perhaps singlehandedly ruining any chance for us to see Aaron Rodgerswho could totally play if he had to — take the field.

It's not that this is a better way to do it than the old sourdoughs know how to do, it's that it's one way to do it. McDaniel couldn't do it Bill Belichick's way and vice versa. As long as the message is being delivered authentically, that's all that matters. Probably more than the actual content.

I'm pleasantly surprised I've lived long enough to see a coach who does it like that — and that it works.