DK Metcalf Clashes With Shannon Sharpe on Twitter Over Late Fumble in Seahawks-Steelers

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The Seattle Seahawks put up a good fight against the Pittsburgh Steelers without Russell Wilson on Sunday Night Football yesterday, but it was all for naught as Ben Roethlisberger and Co. pulled out an exciting overtime win. As is often the case with the Seahawks, something crazy happened in the process.

Seattle was down three in Steelers' territory with less than 20 seconds to go. They had no timeouts. Smith completed a deep out to DK Metcalf around Pittsburgh's 25-yard line. Instead of stepping out of bounds and giving Seattle 15 seconds to take a shot at the end zone before attempting a reasonable field goal, Metcalf tried to make more happen and fumbled in the process. Fortunately for Metcalf, fellow Seahawks wideout Freddie Swain was in perfect position to recover that fumble and Seattle had enough time to spike the ball and convert the game-tying field goal try to send everyone to OT.

It was an extremely fortuitous result, but Metcalf not going out of bounds was a huge mistake that did not go unnoticed. Shannon Sharpe of Undisputed notoriety called out Metcalf for his error in real time.

Metcalf woke up this morning and decided to respond.

Sharpe responded in kind shortly thereafter.

And it continued.

It's a tough look for Metcalf. Sharpe is right! It was a dumb play! Getting four or five extra yards in that situation is not at all worth the risk of fumbling, which is exactly what happened. Only Swain's presence prevented Metcalf from costing his team the game.

Even worse, out of all the media analysts to call out over something like this, Sharpe is perhaps the worst. He is literally a Hall of Famer. There are very few in the media sphere more well-equipped to criticize an on-field decision than Sharpe. Calling him "lil boy" on top of it all?

A tough 24 hours for Metcalf.