Four Ways DeVonta Smith Can Supplement His Resume Before the NFL Draft

DeVona Smith in the National Championship Game.
DeVona Smith in the National Championship Game. / Alika Jenner/Getty Images

DeVona Smith will not do any on field drills at Alabama's Pro Day according to ESPN's Field Yates. This is pretty upsetting to me, a guy who loves to see people run and jump while other people stand nearby with stopwatches. Without pro days and scouting combines the entire stopwatch industry could die. So this is obviously bad news for Big Stopwatch, but how will Smith prove to NFL teams that he is a worthy prospect?

First, let's look at the tape from his 2020 season and see if there is anything good there.

OK, so he had 117 receptions, 1,856 yards and 23 touchdowns, won the Heisman, and looked pretty cool doing it, but that is individual stuff. What did his team accomplish? Personally, if I have a high draft choice, I want someone who is going to help my team win.

Oh, Alabama went 54-3 in his four years on campus with two National Championships? Yeah, that's also pretty good, but it screams System Wide Receiver. So we've got some highlights and some wins, but if he won't show the world if he can catch footballs in the most meaningless situations, how do we know if he's really a top draft pick? Here are four things he could try to prove his worth ahead of the NFL Draft.

Tuscaloosa County Fair Hot Dog Eating Contest

So you won a Heisman and a college football championship, but how bad do you really want it? Size is a concern in the NFL, but Takeru Kobayashi, one of the greatest competitive eaters ever, was barely 130 pounds. Imagine how many dogs Smith could take down and imagine how much weight he could pack on with a summer of competitive eating under and loosening his belt.

Bare Knuckle Boxing

Look, we know Smith is a tough guy. He plays football, for cyrin' out loud. But how tough is he? If he signed with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship he could put on some pounds and compete in their light heavyweight division which is about 185 and almost exactly what every NFL team would see him weighing in at on Sundays. Look how rich it made Paige VanZant.

Attend Local Elementary School Field Day

Scratch that. No field drills. Which is a shame because we assume he would dominate in the most hilarious fashion.

Star in a Death Wish-Type Movie

Look, even Bob Odenkirk has a movie in this genre. If you want to show NFL teams you have a killer instinct, show them how you can kill a guy with a pencil like Keanu Reeves. Show them what you can do with a clipboard and they'll never ask you to hold on. (OK, that line works better for a quarterback, but I'm keeping it.)