Bob Odenkirk's John Wick Clone 'Nobody' Looks Like the Darkest Comedy Ever

Stephen Douglas
Bob Odenkirk as John Wick.
Bob Odenkirk as John Wick. /

Bob Odenkirk is in a new movie that looks like John Wick if you replaced Neo with Saul Goodman. I mean, it is literally just John Wick or The Equalizer or Taken with Bob Odenkirk. I cannot believe how awesome this looks. Here, just watch the trailer for Better Kill Saul.

The action looks violent and hilarious and hilariously violent. And it was written by the guy who wrote John Wick. It just looks like the same script, but John's family is alive and they stole a kitty cat bracelet instead of killing a dog. While the movie is called Nobody, Odenkirk's character's name is "Hutch Mansell." I tell you that so I can then explain that IMDB credits Christopher Lloyd as Hutch's father and RZA as Hutch's brother.

Odenkirk 100 percent looks the part right here. The transformation from sketch comedy in stuff like Mr. Show to dramatic roles like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul to this? What a career. I cannot wait for this movie. Put it on a streaming service on Christmas morning, please.