Deion Sanders Brought in PJ Washington's Ex Brittany Renner to Address Jackson State Football Players


Deion Sanders has done things his own way since becoming the head coach of the Jackson State Tigers. Considering the Tigers are 10-1 in just his second season, who are we to question his methods? Like, for instance, this week when he brought in an unconventional guest speaker to address the team. The speaker was Brittany Renner. The topic was the dangers of sliding into women's DMs.

If you're not familiar with Renner, she is the Instagram famous and now notorious ex-girlfriend of Charlotte Hornets forward PJ Washington. Renner, now 29, met Washington (who is six years younger) through social media when he was a freshman at Kentucky. They recently had a child together and then broke up. There were rumors that he was paying her $200,000 a month in child support over the summer.

Renner attended a Jackson State game earlier this season. In a post the day before the game she simply said, "Hey Jackson State! Hide your sons."

Anyway, Sanders wanted his players to hear that women on social media sometimes pick men based on status. (Renner was linked to multiple famous athletes before Washington.) It's a conversation that high-level athletes should probably have, but the fact that Sanders interrupted Renner in less than 20 seconds to make a joke about one of his players may have undercut the seriousness of the conversation.

Jackson State plays Prairie View A&M in the SWAC championship game this Saturday.

UPDATE: This post originally called the team the Jackson State Jaguars.