Deion Sanders And His Reported Jackson State Coaching Staff Need a Reality Show [UPDATE]

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Deion Sanders was officially named head coach of Jackson State University's football team this week. Sanders arrived at his introductory press conference in a Cadillac Escalade with a police escort led by the school's marching band. He drove right up to the podium.

On Tuesday, he gave a more formal press conference to explain what his goals are for the program and all that jazz. He wore a golden whistle around his neck and declared confidence was his natural odor.

But wait, there's more! Local Jackson reporter Joe Cook has been the main man on the Sanders beat and reported what Sanders' full coaching staff for his inaugural season as head coach will look like. You'll recognize some of the names on it.

Warren Sapp! Terrell Owens! And Deion Sanders! Coaching the youth! This couldn't have been scripted better. Thus it is extremely important that we find a way to document Sanders' first season as a head coach. I don't know how, but it has to happen. Those guys arguing and coaching together would make for excellent viewing.

It's also pretty safe to assume that Jackson State is about to see a rise in high-profile recruits like they never have before. Not many schools in the Southwestern Athletic Conference boast three Pro Football Hall of Famers as recruiters. Hell, I'm not sure many colleges in America can. Sanders can walk in like Pat Riley, toss rings on the table without saying a word, and get some five-star athletes.

This should be fun!

UPDATE: It turns out this was too good to be true as of now. Sanders himself tweeted out that the report from Cook was wrong. Hopefully he's just posturing for the cameras, though.