A Barstool Sports Podcaster Got an Unsportsmanlike Penalty For Jackson State

Stephen Douglas
Gillie Da King and CJ Holmes
Gillie Da King and CJ Holmes /

The Deion Sanders era at Jackson State is built different. The Tigers beat Florida A&M, 7-6, in the Orange Blossom Classic on Sunday, with the lone touchdown coming via a QB sneak by Deion's son Shedeur Sanders. That sounds nice, but here's the real Jackson State highlight.

That's CJ Holmes returning a fumble for a touchdown, except the fumble was changed to an incomplete pass and the touchdown didn't count. Normally, that's no big deal, but as you can see someone in street clothes got involved, first running down the sideline with Holmes and then accepting the ball and spiking it, drawing an unsportsmanlike penalty. This is notable for a few reasons.

First, the guy in street clothes is Gillie Da Kid, a rapper who also has a Barstool Sports podcast just like Deion Sanders. Second, the penalty ended up turning a stop on 3rd-and-15 into an 8-yard penalty and a 1st-and-goal situation.

FAMU settled for a field goal a few plays later so, no harm, no foul. Or, to be more accurate, yes foul, no harm.