Dan Orlovsky Shocked, Offended and Momentarily Frozen By Max Kellerman's Drew Brees Hot Take

Dan Orlovsky shocked to hear Max Kellerman's true thoughts on Drew Brees.
Dan Orlovsky shocked to hear Max Kellerman's true thoughts on Drew Brees. /

Drew Brees retired on Sunday, just in time to distract from the NCAA tournament and hijack all the sports talk shows on Monday morning. Dan Orlovsky appeared on Get Up and First Take this morning to talk about Brees' legacy. Everything was going fine until Molly Qerim asked Max Kellerman, point blank, if Brees belonged in the top tier of quarterbacks all-time. Kellerman's response nearly broke Orlovsky.

Dan Orlovsky basically made that one pained, incredulous face for a full minute, only pausing to make sounds of disbelief.

The best part is that Qerim did such an amazing job setting up this moment. Kellerman, Orlovsky and Stephen A. Smith just finished five full minutes of heaping praise on Brees as a great player and maybe and even greater person, but that's not the goal of the show. That's not how you embrace debate.

So Qerim looked around the room, saw Kellerman and made him pick a side. Kellerman was left with no choice but to deliver a take that would make Orlovsky react like he was watching an animal sacrifice. Kellerman at least acted like he didn't want to be that guy when he stated unequivocally that Brees was not in the inner sanctum of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time.

Of course, after looking at Orlovsky's face in his monitor for the better part of a minute, he said, "you can pretend to be surprised." This is not the first time these guys have disagreed about quarterbacks. So even if he didn't want to be that guy, when Orlovsky disagreed, Kellerman was happy to dig in as another debate show angel got its hot take wings.