Dan Orlovsky: Broncos Should Bench Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

The Denver Broncos will be the talk of the NFL this week for all the wrong reasons. They lost 51-14 to the Baker Mayfield-led Los Angeles Rams. Brett Rypien, the Broncos' backup QB, got into a fight with his own offensive linemen on the sideline. Russell Wilson went 15-of-27 for 214 yards, one touchdown, and three interceptions before he got benched. Randy Gregory got into a fight with the Rams after the game. It was, truly, a catastrophe in every way imaginable.

Denver is now 4-11 and has literally nothing to play for. They owe their first-round pick to the Seattle Seahawks. They have no young developmental quarterback prospect to trot out there who might save them from the Wilson contract. Their rookie head coach is losing confidence with each loss. At this point everyone on the team should be hoping the last two weeks pass by without anything noteworthy happening and pray they find a miracle solution in the offseason.

To that end, Dan Orlovsky made the argument that the Broncos need to bench Wilson for the final few games. Because what's the point of continuing to throw him out there?

Thinking about Orlovsky's proposition really hammers home how screwed the Broncos are. Do they bench the Super Bowl-winning quarterback who morphed into Chad Pennington seemingly overnight and signed a $242 million contract three months ago? Or do they keep him out there to get hammered behind an offensive line that pretty clearly does not like him? Will they have to fire their first-year head coach this offseason? Will they have to eat $100 million in dead cap to ditch Wilson? How can they possibly fix any of this?

A lot of questions and no answers. But whatever they've been doing to this point hasn't worked. At all. So maybe benching Wilson will get the ball rolling towards positive momentum as the season ends. It's not like things can get worse!