Stugotz's Patrick Mahomes-Alex Smith Take May Become the Worst Ever

Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Patrick Mahomes now has two Super Bowl MVPs and very few people on this Earth would feel confident in betting that he will end with only two. Last night the quarterback gutted through a tremendous amount of pain to lead the Kansas City Chiefs to the promised land yet again. His storybook career is just beginning and the only way he doesn't end up on the signal-calling Mount Rushmore is if things really go off the rails through injury or other catastrophe. Mahomes is becoming one of the more predictable things in sports.

He's like Michael Jordan in that he has the most talent. He always delivers. And his teams usually win. No one is able to offer a reasonable rebuttal so there's no debating he's the best currently doing it.

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All of these factors, plus the passing of time and growing of accomplishments, only make Stugotz' loud-wrong take from a 2017 episode of his show with Dan Le Batard worse and more hilarious. Here's the master at work, digging a grave that can never offer escape.

"Go ahead, Andy Reid, I dare you to go 14-2 and allow Alex Smith to leave Arrowhead Stadium, to leave Kansas City," Stugotz spat though sausage fingers. "Go ahead, I dare you. Because of Patrick Mahomes. Because you think you can turn Patrick Mahomes into something that Alex Smith is not. Alex Smith is a very good quarterback. The audacity! First off, to do this to Alex Smith, who has been very good and loyal to Andy Reid and won him a lot of football games. To dangle Patrick Mahomes out there because Andy Reid thinks he's some sort of quarterback whisperer, which he is not."

LOL. This is a skill that cannot be taught. All the finest broadcasting minds at Northwestern and Syracuse combined could not create such a perfect radio moment in a lab. It's a take that's aged worse than the bad guy from Indiana Jones after choosing poorly in the chalice department. Scribes who dubbed the Hindenberg as the next GOAT look measured in comparison. Beano Cook's promise that Ron Powlus would win multiple Heisman Trophies at Notre Dame seems tepid when measured up against what could become the industry standard.

The best part is that it will somehow get worse, providing more content down the road. Like a Jelly of the Month membership, Stugotz has created a gift that will just keep giving.